About Amalia Årfelt

Amalia Årfelt, born January 19, 1969 in Stockholm, is a Swedish painter, graphic artist and sculptor.
Amalia is the daughter of the sculptor Anders Årfelt and the ceramicist Astrid Årfelt (born 1935).  She grew up in Gotland and in Stockholm and graduated from the Royal Institute of Arts 1990-95 and 2006-08. Amalia Årfelt has designed the film prize statue Gullspira.

Amalia Årfelt is represented in many public places in Sweden with its lovely pigs, dogs and other animals. She is also a graphic artist and visual artist and works with several different techniques.

The author, Björn Berglund, writes about Amalias art: ”Everyone should visit her menagerie and sneak into her gardens”. …”Obviously, she succeed with the artwork to treat poppy flowers and birds. This was not Liljefors’ method – by hybridizing them with a human being.”
”I do my own nature,” Amalia says. ”Because I do as I want when I paint”

Read (in english) the catalogue of the exhibition on Konstakademien.

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