Amalia Årfelt

Amalia Årfelt works with paintings, sculptures, graphics and decorations; often taking inspiration from the animal world. Amalia Årfelt has created several public works over the years, including the sculpture group ”Sugga med kultingar” at Skansen in Stockholm.
See some art here (in swedish):


Amalia has also designed the award statuette ”Gullspiran” which is awarded for best achievement in the category of childrens’ films at The Guldbagge Awards.


”Most things are inspiring to me. Whether it’s seeing a dog in a city, a cloud, a stone, a flower, a leaf, a branch, a tree, or a puddle, this can inspire the basis of an image or form a detail in a larger image. What I absorb and what remains etched on my retina is transformed through my filter. Sometimes I turn to books to see what the animal actually looks like: what specifically is it about this particular bird that makes us see that it is a woodpecker?”

Animals are close to Amalia Årfelt's heart. Like the naïve artist Henri Rousseau, she creates her own world where animals, not humans, are at the centre: an ‘Årfeltian Paradise’. She has been said to anthropomorphise the animals in her sculptures and paintings. Årfelt often works with daring colour combinations in a lustful encounter between beauty and humour.